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Whatever your metal forming or metal fabrication needs, Birmingham UK based GB Metal Spinnings can help you. We are rightly renowned for our superb customer service - so get in touch today and see what the fuss is about! We promise to work with you on your metal forming project, lead you all the way through the metal working process, and complete your job - whether welding or sheet metal fabrication, big batch or small - on time and on budget.

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GB Metal Limited

GB Metal Spinners - Birmingham UK

GB Metal Spinning Ltd is a family run business based in Birmingham, West Midlands UK who are highly focused on delivering high quality worked supported with great customer care!
In 1998 GB Metal Spinnings Ltd bought out RH Burman who had been trading over 75 years. This enabled GB to offer greater scope to manufacture metal spinners and a broader range of skills and services that 15 years onward have resulted in a higher quality of metal spinners and other fabrications to our custmer base. As a result GB Metal Spinnings Ltd now offer metal spinners and fabrication components on multiple finishes. GB Metal Spinnings  Ltd also continue to produce metal spinners and fabrications on fuel tanks for aircrafts to the winner’s cup for Nascar races! The production of metal spinners from GB Metal Spinnings' Birmingham UK based workshop really do offer clients a wide selection of solutions and options for each and every one of your  required metal spinning tasks.

As far as the metal spinners services provided by GB Metal Spinnings Ltd is concerned, they specialize in working with customers on new ideas and like to follow them from the design stage all the way through to completion. GB Metal Spinnings Ltd are happy to work on smaller quantities but if a large quantity is required we have an automatic CNC lathe, which will deal with these quickly and efficiently. 
Birmingham based GB Metal Spinnings Ltd can work with any type of metal that the customer may require and can offer a very wide choice of finishes from polished, anodized, painted, and faceted and numerous plated finishes.
Manufacturing metal spinners is the main forte of GB Metal Spinnings - who are also experts in welding and metal forming of every type. This means you will feel safe with us every step of the way.

Please browse the GB Metal Spinnings Ltd website to learn more about  this Birmingham, West Midlands UK based manufacturers and the metal spinners and other products and services they offer.